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White cake with white icing and white candles and race cars.  Wheww was it sweet!  Oh, and chocolate ice cream.

We picniced on the back porch.  (Isn

Waiting for everyone to gather so he can open gifts.

Still smiling.  It was a fun day.  We sure did miss the cousins and aunts and uncles though!  Sniff, sniff.


What on earth do you say when you go to your 7 year old son’s room to say goodnight and you are greeted by a disturbingly familar odor, which it turns out is eminating from a plastic cup hidden under a dresser in which your son somewhat sheepishly tells you that it is full of pee and poop. Oh, my, gosh….. uh…. huh…

You know, as a parent, there are times when it helps that you can actually find yourself shutting off your brain. Just turn it off and know that everything will be just fine. Yeah. Ok.

School is going very well this year. I am very pleased. Samantha just brought home a 100% on a math test which is a great accomplishment for her. She didn’t have any backwards numbers on it either. She is really trying. Her teacher this year is a bit more laid back which seems to suit her better this year. She is working hard but is enjoying school.

Cristofer’s teacher is more laid back than last years also and he seems to be doing well with her. We will be starting some social stories with him at home and possibly in the classroom to see if we can help him with a few things he seems stuck on, such as keeping his hands to himself, especially while in a line. Looking forward to seeing how these work with him.

Aria is beginning to learn to read and she is so excited! She brought home a little book called I Can that she had colored herself. She used her finger to follow the words on each page and read it to me twice. It is so fun to see them figuring things out and making these steps.

Nicholas loves school too. He and I wish he could go more than the two couple of hour days. He gets very bored at home. We have run around some doing errands and such, but he would rather be at school with other kids. He is slowly and a bit tearfully learning to hold a pencil and write his name and color in a picture. He is a little perfectionist and gets frustrated that he can’t do things that look just right.

I have been volunteering at the school on Wednesdays and I love it! I am getting to know the teachers and I get to spend time with another volunteer mom who I met this summer at the library program. I mostly do cutting, stapling and copy work, but I really enjoy it and it really helps out the teachers. They are very appreciative.

Here are pics of the first day of school, waiting for the bus. Aren’t they cute?!



At this time Matt and I believe we are dealing with this disorder in our 6 year old son. We have felt concern since he was 2 years old and looking back to even the day he was born realize that he has dealt with the world in a very different way than his siblings did/do.

Since starting school in a public classroom setting we have been more aware of the effects of this disorder and have begun working with the school staff to come up with a plan to help Cristofer to get the most out of his education in a healthy, enjoyable way.

Here are some links to articles and interviews dealing with Asperger’s for anyone who is interested in learning more about this disorder. I have found it actually very facinating and also very helpful in understanding my son and what makes him do and say some of the things that he does. It has given me much more patience and has encouraged me that there are things that I can do to help him learn how to deal with this disorder as he goes through life.

Dr. Fred Volkmar on Aspergers Syndrome.

Michael John Carley on Aspergers.

Some great articles here. I especially liked the one called “The Little Proffessor Syndrome”.

An interview with Dr. Temple Grandin who has autism.