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Today was the 100th day of school. Wow. We are more than halfway through the school year! My kids are growing like weeds this year, it’s amazing. I’m still enjoying my job, but also still wishing it was part time because I miss being at home so much. I’m ready for spring now. The snow isn’t as exciting anymore. We did get in some iceskating with the kids which was lots of fun even though it was for a short time. I love skating!!! So did the kids. Miss all my friends like crazy, hope everyone is well. Well, I’ve got to cook supper now. Have a great evening!


…see you on the other end of it. 🙂

It is that time of year. Zucchini are plentiful. Usually very plentiful if you have them in your own garden or your neighbor does. 🙂 Here is a great recipe that our family loves. Zucchini Crab Cakes, found at Yummy yummy! Enjoy!

I am now officially a Knox County Elementary Special Education para professional. 🙂

I am very excited but also trying not to be nervous, which for me is hard. So far I’ve had two panicky episodes, close to but not quite full blown panic attacks. Crazy, I know. My counselor is working with me to help me with organization and stress management. I have such a hard time with breaking things down into manageable bites. I keep trying to eat the whole elephant. Hee, hee!

I know it will be fine once I get started, but I tend to be very nervous in anticipation. It’s mental, I know, just like how freaked out I used to get about shots. I am much better about shots and needles than I used to be. It just took practice. (Got lots of that when I had three babies!)

We will be taking it one day at a time, one bite at a time. 🙂

Our computer croaked recently and we are borrowing an old one of my Dad’s. I’m not sure if/when I will be able to do photos. 😦

Tomorrow I should hear from the school about my job interview results.

Whew, summer is flying by!!!

Everyone is doing fine around here, just finishing projects, getting organized for school/work and trying not to rush the summer by too fast without enjoying it.

My gardens are doing well. I might even get some lettuces though it’s so late.
My hollyhocks are starting to bloom and my yard is filled with the scent of sweetwilliam. I’ve got four cucumbers waiting to become pickles, with one a day ready to pick. We had our first tomato, pretty good but a bit mushy in texture. Waiting for my yellow ones to turn. I’ve got about 6 or 7 peppers on four different jalepeno plants. Mmmm, salsa!

The kid’s sunflower house is kinda short. Too much shade. I hope we actually have flowers soon.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well, too. Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy it. I’m trying. 🙂

White cake with white icing and white candles and race cars.  Wheww was it sweet!  Oh, and chocolate ice cream.

We picniced on the back porch.  (Isn

Waiting for everyone to gather so he can open gifts.

Still smiling.  It was a fun day.  We sure did miss the cousins and aunts and uncles though!  Sniff, sniff.

hmm…I’m having trouble with my image loader thingy. Let’s try again. Here are more pictures starting with the north side of the house… Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been having fun with my gardening this year. The past several years I have not been able to do much, mainly due to time and younger kids who won’t leave stuff alone! So far this year the kids have been good (mostly) about staying out of my garden stuff. It has been hard for Nicholas though who absolutely loves dirt. He may have to go into excavation or something as an adult. I gave him a spot that he could dig in after I caught him digging up the neighbors newly sown lawn!!

I have vegtables, herbs, and flowers. Some are annuals, but I wanted to do mostly perennials so that I can enjoy them next year and perhaps they will help the look of our house if we want to sell in the future.

Here is a spring tour around the house for those interested. Read the rest of this entry »

Last night we were awakened by a furious sqwaking and flapping coming from the bird’s cage which sits on my dresser in our bedroom. This has happened a couple of other times before, but usually it was due to a disturbance such as my hand knocking the cage as I changed into my pjs or one of us suddenly turned on a light. This time we didn’t know what was going on and they sounded really freaked out and it took several minutes for them to settle down. I was hoping not to find a dead bird lying on the bottom of the cage in the morning, they were that stressed!

The only thing we could think of was that Matt had gotten a new pair of rubber boots in the mail yesterday and they smelled strongly of rubber. Perhaps the poor birds were going batty from the fumes? Matt removed the boots to the living room and we tried to go back to sleep.

This morning we found out there was an earthquake in southern Illinois right about the time our birds woke us up! Around 4:20am or so. Matt spoke to several of his co workers who also were woken up by pets in the early hours.

I did not feel anything, but apparently our birds did. I have to admit I will be much more attentive to the actions of my pets in the future. You never know.

Here are the noisy fellows:

I just had a most enjoyable time with two very sweet ladies. We shared about each others families and laughed about the antics of children, we spoke together about our heavenly Father and his amazing love for us and how we want to learn to love each other the way He loves us. We looked up scriptures that spoke of this love and were able to see His love in each other and appreciate it. It was a lovely time of encouragement and fellowship.

Just what I needed. And you know what, the funny thing is that these two ladies are from a religious group that I have had prejudice against all my life. I was told they were decieved and evil and would go to hell. (How many other “groups” of people have I been told this about?) I myself was “decieved” about some things. No one is perfect. Even if they pretend that they are.

More and more I find that people are people where ever you go. People want the same things. People want to be loved and accepted and they want to love others, if they could only know how. We are all on a journey, we are all searching and seeking. And I believe that “Those who seek, will find.” God is amazing, His love reaches higher than the heavens, and deeper than the deepest sea. Where can we go that He is not there?

I pray that you, my friend will find Him today as well. He is very near.

Be blessed!