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hmm…I’m having trouble with my image loader thingy. Let’s try again. Here are more pictures starting with the north side of the house… Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been having fun with my gardening this year. The past several years I have not been able to do much, mainly due to time and younger kids who won’t leave stuff alone! So far this year the kids have been good (mostly) about staying out of my garden stuff. It has been hard for Nicholas though who absolutely loves dirt. He may have to go into excavation or something as an adult. I gave him a spot that he could dig in after I caught him digging up the neighbors newly sown lawn!!

I have vegtables, herbs, and flowers. Some are annuals, but I wanted to do mostly perennials so that I can enjoy them next year and perhaps they will help the look of our house if we want to sell in the future.

Here is a spring tour around the house for those interested. Read the rest of this entry »

I made something!! It was so fun. I love making things! This was pretty easy. I got the idea from a gift that a friend gave to Samantha when she was about 3 yrs old. You sew a matching pot holder onto a tea towel and voila’ , you have an adorable child sized apron!

Wal-mart had an apple set, and a rooster set that also would have been cute. I imagine you could make less frilly ones for boys too, with plainer towel sets. I think I may have to make some more of these!

I added a yellow ruffle, ties, and a ruffled pocket.
Here is the one I made for my neice. Happy Birthday, Dora!!!! It’s in the mail!


Finally, I (I mean Matt) got our photo program working so I could download some pictures! Yeah!

We had a fun time last evening. We were planning to have spagetti for dinner and I wanted to clean up the house and get fancy with candles and a nice table setting. As usual I tried to do too much. I have all these great ideas but I can’t seem to figure out when enough is enough.

First of all the kids had their valentines cards and boxes to get ready to take to school. This was fun, although if you do them ahead as we did, make sure to put the pretty boxes up out of reach until they go to school. Both Cristofer’s and Aria’s got a little beat up by siblings, mainly by accident.

Since the kids had so much fun making their boxes they decided that they each needed a personal mailbox at home to give each other valentines all throughout the day. We had cardboard boxes, tape, sissors and even some washable marker that rubbed off onto the carpet, everywhere. I didn’t mind the fun but the mess wasn’t helping me prepare for my valentine dinner.

I had decided to make homemade valentines for Matt, the kids, and the kid’s teachers. I also wanted to get valentines in the mail for the cousins. (Sorry, Dom and Dora, this just didn’t happen! 😦 )

I made crocheted heart brooches for the kid’s teachers.

For the girls I had been planning to make necklaces. They are crocheted beaded chokers.

Here I model the blue choker.
bluebeadchokeron2.jpg bluebeadchokeron.jpg

For the boys I made little crocheted bookworms. They can play with them or use them as book markers.

Matt also recieved a bookmark along with a chocolate puppy dog.

I had fun making these. I also enjoyed getting ready for our dinner. I made homemade bread, a salad, and we had rigatoni with tomato sauce and mozzerella cheese. I used my pretty red table cloth and our crystal goblets. ( The kids loved this!) We had several candles lit around the room and I put on some fun mediterranean music.

We ate a bit late and the kids weren’t that hungry(too much candy!) but it was fun.

We had a nice day Sunday. The weather was a little cooler than we would have liked but the sun was shining gloriously!



I made little bunnies for each child, they were fun.


Here is a picture of some of the mittens I knitted for Christmas. I knitted eight pairs. One for each neice and nephew and one for each son and daughter, with one extra practice pair, which Samantha wanted to give to her friend down the road. I actually did not get them quite finished for Christmas. Aria and Nick each got one completed mitten and I finished their others during the rest of Christmas break. I stayed up way too late trying to finish them Christmas eve and I hung them on the Christmas tree where the kids had to find them in the morning. It was fun! I teased them that maybe next year they would find socks or underwear on the tree.

I am really enjoying my knitting. I will try to post pics of other projects as I complete them.

Christmas mittens

I’ve been experimenting with my camera.
Here are some night shots of cicadas emerging and
newly hatched from their shells. (Around 11pm)

It only took about 10 – 15 minutes for them to
fully emerge and for the wings to unfurl and stiffen.

This is what they eventually look like.
Their colors change to a darker camo look.

It is a birdbath made with terracotta flower pots.

Here’s the top view.