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Samantha was chosen to participate in the district math contest this year. She was soooo excited and surprised, math hasn’t been one of her stong subjects. I was surprised too and then I felt bad because I had doubted she could make the team and had told her not to be dissapointed if she didn’t but that she could try out if she wanted.

It was a great experience for her and I believe a confidence booster. It didn’t hurt her math skills either. She had lots of practice on her basics and learned several new things that I wasn’t even sure how to do. (Probability problems, for example!) She met with three other 4th grade students every week to practice and then we traveled to Hannibal, Missouri for the actual contest.

I rode with her on the school bus with the other Knox County students and parents to the Hannibal middle school. Here are some pics.

The fourth grade contestants.

The Knox County representatives.

Waiting for the others to finish testing.

Sam did not place but several of her friends did and several will be going to the state contest in Springfield. Knox produced last years first place state high school winner! Perhaps next year will see two Bowmans on the team. Cris will be in 4th grade this coming year.

Enjoying a rootbeer float on the bus trip home.

This week, Samantha, had Misouri History Night. The fourth graders worked hard all quarter on researching famous Missourians. They wrote a report, gathered props, made props, decorated posters, and came up with costumes. They displayed their projects and represented their famous person as parents browsed by asking questions and admiring thier work. It was a lot of fun. I even learned some things. 🙂

Samantha’s famous person was Sacajawea. She made a woven basket out of paper and did a teepee display along with her poster. I put together a costume for her, very last minute, but she seemed thrilled with it.

Sacajawea’s display.

Lewis and Clark and Sacajewea.