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Samantha was chosen to participate in the district math contest this year. She was soooo excited and surprised, math hasn’t been one of her stong subjects. I was surprised too and then I felt bad because I had doubted she could make the team and had told her not to be dissapointed if she didn’t but that she could try out if she wanted.

It was a great experience for her and I believe a confidence booster. It didn’t hurt her math skills either. She had lots of practice on her basics and learned several new things that I wasn’t even sure how to do. (Probability problems, for example!) She met with three other 4th grade students every week to practice and then we traveled to Hannibal, Missouri for the actual contest.

I rode with her on the school bus with the other Knox County students and parents to the Hannibal middle school. Here are some pics.

The fourth grade contestants.

The Knox County representatives.

Waiting for the others to finish testing.

Sam did not place but several of her friends did and several will be going to the state contest in Springfield. Knox produced last years first place state high school winner! Perhaps next year will see two Bowmans on the team. Cris will be in 4th grade this coming year.

Enjoying a rootbeer float on the bus trip home.

This week, Samantha, had Misouri History Night. The fourth graders worked hard all quarter on researching famous Missourians. They wrote a report, gathered props, made props, decorated posters, and came up with costumes. They displayed their projects and represented their famous person as parents browsed by asking questions and admiring thier work. It was a lot of fun. I even learned some things. 🙂

Samantha’s famous person was Sacajawea. She made a woven basket out of paper and did a teepee display along with her poster. I put together a costume for her, very last minute, but she seemed thrilled with it.

Sacajawea’s display.

Lewis and Clark and Sacajewea.


I’ve decided to start an additional blog. I want to try to capture at least one “moment” from each day to celebrate, think on, share, meditate on, ect. A daily log, not necessarily wordy though. As I was joking with someone the other day, a bit more “artsy fartsy”. 🙂

Here is a link to any who are interested. Heavenly Now

Update: It was brought to my attention that my new blog title is similar to Serenity’s. I did not at all mean to copy and I didn’t even realize it was similar! Ooops! Sorry, Serenity! I have tried to figure out a different title, but haven’t come up with anything that captures what I want the same way. If I do I will change it. 🙂 I really did not mean to copy and I’ve never been a Seinfield watcher (is this a connection to your title? it was mentioned as well)

Finally, I (I mean Matt) got our photo program working so I could download some pictures! Yeah!

We had a fun time last evening. We were planning to have spagetti for dinner and I wanted to clean up the house and get fancy with candles and a nice table setting. As usual I tried to do too much. I have all these great ideas but I can’t seem to figure out when enough is enough.

First of all the kids had their valentines cards and boxes to get ready to take to school. This was fun, although if you do them ahead as we did, make sure to put the pretty boxes up out of reach until they go to school. Both Cristofer’s and Aria’s got a little beat up by siblings, mainly by accident.

Since the kids had so much fun making their boxes they decided that they each needed a personal mailbox at home to give each other valentines all throughout the day. We had cardboard boxes, tape, sissors and even some washable marker that rubbed off onto the carpet, everywhere. I didn’t mind the fun but the mess wasn’t helping me prepare for my valentine dinner.

I had decided to make homemade valentines for Matt, the kids, and the kid’s teachers. I also wanted to get valentines in the mail for the cousins. (Sorry, Dom and Dora, this just didn’t happen! 😦 )

I made crocheted heart brooches for the kid’s teachers.

For the girls I had been planning to make necklaces. They are crocheted beaded chokers.

Here I model the blue choker.
bluebeadchokeron2.jpg bluebeadchokeron.jpg

For the boys I made little crocheted bookworms. They can play with them or use them as book markers.

Matt also recieved a bookmark along with a chocolate puppy dog.

I had fun making these. I also enjoyed getting ready for our dinner. I made homemade bread, a salad, and we had rigatoni with tomato sauce and mozzerella cheese. I used my pretty red table cloth and our crystal goblets. ( The kids loved this!) We had several candles lit around the room and I put on some fun mediterranean music.

We ate a bit late and the kids weren’t that hungry(too much candy!) but it was fun.

Our youngest son, Nicholas, had his tonsils and adnoids removed today. He did wonderful. He was sooo brave! He went into it this time (he has had two previous surgeries to repair hernias) still remembering the last surgery and yet he didn’t balk. He did ask a lot of questions and you could tell he just wanted to get it over with and be done.

Poor kid, he had no idea how painful it was going to be afterwards. He knew that he would be asleep during the surgery and I did tell him he would hurt afterwards. But… the doctor said that he would have the worst sore throat of his life and that it would last 5- 10 days. Yikes! They gave him morphine at the hospital and sent us home with tylenol with codine and we are to give him motrin alternately as well. He did very well this afternoon, but the doctor said that the next couple of days will probably be worse. We’ll see how he does tomorrow.

He did comment that the “hernia didn’t hurt this bad”.

I’m exhausted and will be getting up at night to give meds for the next couple of days or so, I guess I better go to bed. 🙂 Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, sorry if you didn’t know about the surgery. I’m just glad it is over.

This is a comment I sent in response to a group email that was warning parents about Philip Pullman’s books His Dark Materials series of which the new movie The Golden Compass is based on. The email was fairly alarmist.

This is just my opinion, but as a Christian I found
Pulman’s books very interesting. I have never heard
anything the author has said, I have just read this
particular series of books. I did know before I read
them that the author was an atheist.

I gathered from the story that Pulman has a problem
with “religion” more than with God himself. He makes
the “church” the bad guys. He plays around with ideas
of creation and demons and angels and witches. This is
a fantasy book.

What I found most fascinating though was that the
themes of love and friendship and thinking of others
first were what the story was about. It seemed
amazing to me that someone who claims no belief in God
can’t seem to get away from the very themes that God
claims as His own.

I really enjoyed the books, they are very creative and
interesting and different. My faith was not
threatened by them, though it did make me sad to think
that the author has had such a negative experience
with “church” that he made it the “enemy” in his

I am not ready to let my children read these books yet
and I don’t intend to let them see the movie. (My kids
get nightmares easily.) But I did want to say that
before you decide something is horrible maybe you
should check it out first for yourself.

Different people are affected by different things,
different kids can handle diffent things also. As
parents I believe it is important for us to know our
children well enough to help them with decisions about
what to read and watch and when they are ready for
certain subjects or content.

I am looking forward to viewing this movie, if at
least for the effects. Movies are almost never as
good as the books though. 🙂

Amy Bowman

I let my kids out the front door this morning to wait for the bus. It had rained last night and the ground was wet. They know to stay off the wet grass because I have told them this repeatedly, but this morning they excitedly discovered that our neighbors sidewalk was splattered with small puddles. The neighbor had recently sealed his portion of the sidewalk with a water repellant protective coating.

The kids had a ball. They were deaf to all my calls to stay out of the water and the boys even decided to sit down, for some odd reason. Aria was tap dancing in her MaryJane dress shoes and little skirt. The water made a cool splooshing noise which she found irresistable. Needless to say, they were soaked, but happy as the bus pulled up to carry them away to school. *sigh* I guess they will dry off eventually. It did look like fun! 🙂

Yesterday Matt and I loaded up Nicholas into the van between 4:30am and 5am and headed to Columbia, Mo for Nicholas’ second hernia operation. This one was on the opposite side of his groin from the first one that we had repaired a year ago. This was actually the fifth time one of my children has been put under anesthesia.

Nick did awesome! Read the rest of this entry »

I made a mistake by tricking one of our stray cats into the house this weekend. If any of you have had any experience with cats you might be able to imagine what happened. This cat will not let you near enough to touch it normally, it is a stray.

Cristofer, my 7 year old, was so impressed by the incedent that he decided to write a story about it that I thought I would post here.

The Crazy Cat.

Once upon a time there lived a cat named Nermal. One day that cat got crazy! He jumped on the curtain and then… he lept to the wall, and then he was in my sister’s room. But… that’s not all, HE CLIMED THE WALL!!!!
But Mom settled him down. Then he was out.
The End.

That poor cat went absolutely berserk! It really did climb the walls. My poor kids were screaming their heads off and running everywhere. Things were knocked off shelves, walls, and miraculously no one got hurt including the cat. Whew….what an experience.

Speaking of berserk cats, check out this video of a poor cat in a pet washing machine. Now imagine that running around crazy in my house. Ooops sorry the video is outdated now and you can’t veiw it for free now.

Here is a picture of some of the mittens I knitted for Christmas. I knitted eight pairs. One for each neice and nephew and one for each son and daughter, with one extra practice pair, which Samantha wanted to give to her friend down the road. I actually did not get them quite finished for Christmas. Aria and Nick each got one completed mitten and I finished their others during the rest of Christmas break. I stayed up way too late trying to finish them Christmas eve and I hung them on the Christmas tree where the kids had to find them in the morning. It was fun! I teased them that maybe next year they would find socks or underwear on the tree.

I am really enjoying my knitting. I will try to post pics of other projects as I complete them.

Christmas mittens

Nothing much going on here. The kids had a long weekend, school was closed Monday and Tuesday. They were glad to go back. I was really glad they could go back. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having them around, except that several of us, me included, have head colds and felt a bit rotten. It was too cold to play outside and our little house felt a bit close. 🙂
I’m getting Nick ready to go to school in a little bit and then I will do some of my peer counselling work by phone. I am enjoying this peer counselling stuff! I ended up giving a 15 minute talk 4 different times at the first of the month and I will help give a similar talk next month at our local Parents As Teachers meeting. I’m looking forward to it and I am enjoying working with my peer coordinator and getting to know her better.