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(I apologize, this is long poorly written.)

Let’s see, I started out by sleeping in 30 min.longer than I was supposed to, then I went about my usual routine, forgetting that I was short some time. My carpets were driving me nuts. they were sooo dirty that I just had to vaccume before I ate breakfast which I then ended up not having time for so I grabbed a yogart to eat in the car. I bustled the kids out the door and told them to get in the car while I took the dog out back. (In the rush two of the kids forgot their jackets, and it was chilly.) When I returned. Nick had gotten in the car and locked the others out. Cristofer was yelling at him so that the whole neighborhood could hear him.

Finally Nick opened his door so Cris could get in, but Cris being miffed hit him on the way across to his seat. Nick started crying and hit Cris back and then was too upset to get his seat belt on. I’m running late so I don’t wait for the kids to buckle up. I take off trying to eat my yogart and console Nick at the same time. Nick needs help with his belt, but Cris is too mad to help. We pull on to the highway and I notice that Nick’s door is not shut! I yell at the boys to hurry and get Nick buckled so he won’t fall out the car. That convinced them to quickly work together. At some point Cristofer made the comment, ” I wish Papa would come home.” Oh, yeah, and Cristofer was holding a live snail he found on the sidewalk right before we got in the car. I could hear Aria exclaiming, “Oooh, look it’s trying to crawl away!”

We pulled into our parking spot at school and we made it into the building without anything more distressing than Cristofer whining for me to wait for him as he struggled to drag his extremely heavy book bag onto his shoulders. Whew, we made it. I took the kids to my room where I frantically signed a couple of planners and then rounded up a wet wipe to clean the snot off of Nick’s face (he has a cold). I wished them a good day and hugged them as they went to their classes.

My work day went ok. I had another schedule change to deal with today. I’ve decided to write my schedule down in pencil from now on. It keeps changing! The student I work with had a big weekend and was tired and grumpy. We got through the day though. After school a couple of my kids go to tutoring which doesn’t end until 4:30. I’ve decided to use this time to do some yoga or pilates in my room at school. Tomorrow I’m going to advertise and see if anyone would be interested in joining me.

It was almost 5:00 by the time we got home. I pulled out the pasta casserole Matt had fixed ahead of time for me. Ooops! I forgot I was supposed to get it out the night before to thaw! Well, I thought surely it won’t take that much longer to heat up. Wrong. It was 7:00 before I started setting the table. At that time the phone rang and it was Mom asking if she could drop off some clothes for the girls. I said sure.
When she got here I checked the casserole and it was still frozen in the middle!! I gave up. We had peanut butter sandwiches instead. Mom helped with the dishes which I really appreciated. I had the kids get ready for bed and we sat down to read a story. As I read we noticed some honking outside. It sounded far away, but it made me think someone was playing with a panic button to a car. I tried to ignore it as I read. Suddenly someone knocked on the front door. Their were some people out for a walk and they noticed a van parked in front of our house (Mom’s van) that had been honking when they walked by about a half hour earlier and it was still faintly honking! One of the kids accidently knocked Mom’s keys and hit the panic button. I don’t know why we didn’t notice it sooner. We checked with the neighbors and they didn’t notice either! Well, by the time Mom got it turned off the battery was dead. Dad had to come and jump it for her. Crazy. I got everyone to bed, wish I had bathed a couple, but oh well. Wheww, I hope tommorrow goes better. Sheesh.