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I have a little garter snake sitting on my kitchen counter! He’s in a critter box. He’s so cute! He’s about 10 inches long and thin like a pencil. I’ve always wanted a pet snake. (So has Nick, he keeps informing me. 🙂 ) I don’t know how long we will keep it, but it sure is fun to watch and learn about. This would be pet number 11. Too many?

I guess snakes don’t eat bugs. Worms, slugs, frogs, toads, and fish are their main diet in the wild. An adult may occasionally eat a mouse or maybe another snake.

The kids caught a little frog and put it in the box with the snake. Immediately the snake made a grab for the frog. He caught it by the back leg but then let go. We wondered if the frog was too big for him. This morning the frog was gone and their is a suspicious bulge in the snake’s middle. I guess he won’t starve. 🙂

Correction: it is a western ribbon snake, smaller than garter snakes and eats a bit more selectively. It ate two tadpoles yesterday and it shed it’s skin! Cool!
Here is a picture from the MO Conservation site.
Now we’re trying to come up with a name for it. So far we have “Snakey”, “Stripey”, and “Gideon”. Hmmm…


…see you on the other end of it. 🙂

It is that time of year. Zucchini are plentiful. Usually very plentiful if you have them in your own garden or your neighbor does. 🙂 Here is a great recipe that our family loves. Zucchini Crab Cakes, found at Yummy yummy! Enjoy!