Our computer croaked recently and we are borrowing an old one of my Dad’s. I’m not sure if/when I will be able to do photos. 😦

Tomorrow I should hear from the school about my job interview results.

Whew, summer is flying by!!!

Everyone is doing fine around here, just finishing projects, getting organized for school/work and trying not to rush the summer by too fast without enjoying it.

My gardens are doing well. I might even get some lettuces though it’s so late.
My hollyhocks are starting to bloom and my yard is filled with the scent of sweetwilliam. I’ve got four cucumbers waiting to become pickles, with one a day ready to pick. We had our first tomato, pretty good but a bit mushy in texture. Waiting for my yellow ones to turn. I’ve got about 6 or 7 peppers on four different jalepeno plants. Mmmm, salsa!

The kid’s sunflower house is kinda short. Too much shade. I hope we actually have flowers soon.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well, too. Don’t forget to slow down and enjoy it. I’m trying. 🙂