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White cake with white icing and white candles and race cars.  Wheww was it sweet!  Oh, and chocolate ice cream.

We picniced on the back porch.  (Isn

Waiting for everyone to gather so he can open gifts.

Still smiling.  It was a fun day.  We sure did miss the cousins and aunts and uncles though!  Sniff, sniff.


hmm…I’m having trouble with my image loader thingy. Let’s try again. Here are more pictures starting with the north side of the house… Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve been having fun with my gardening this year. The past several years I have not been able to do much, mainly due to time and younger kids who won’t leave stuff alone! So far this year the kids have been good (mostly) about staying out of my garden stuff. It has been hard for Nicholas though who absolutely loves dirt. He may have to go into excavation or something as an adult. I gave him a spot that he could dig in after I caught him digging up the neighbors newly sown lawn!!

I have vegtables, herbs, and flowers. Some are annuals, but I wanted to do mostly perennials so that I can enjoy them next year and perhaps they will help the look of our house if we want to sell in the future.

Here is a spring tour around the house for those interested. Read the rest of this entry »