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We are now the owners of a “new” car, yet again. 🙂

Look, Cindy, ours is silver too! Hee,hee.

It is an ’89 Chevy Lumina, with only 80,000 miles on it and it doesn’t have any dings or spots on it any where. It rides smooth and quiet and best of all we can fit our entire family in it if need be. In other words, it is a boat and what I have christened, The Old Man Car. This is mainly because we test drove several Grand Ams and a Grand Prix before we decided on the Lumina. 😉

The kids love it, it is “new” after all. I like it too, even if it does look like an old man’s car (and probably was, before we got it!) Hopefully it will be as good a car as our previous Lumina that we had for several years before it got totalled. It was a really good car for us.

Here is a pic, pretend the bushes are not there. 🙂



Easter baskets in the morning. Notice the snow out the window!




I made ribbon wands to put in the kids baskets this year. Last year I made knit bunnies.

The ground was white with snow and still falling as we headed to friends for a brunch and egg hunt.

Fun with eggs and friends.

I was inspired to search for horsey videos after reading Kimberly’s post at I Gallop On, about a dream she had. It was familiar to me in that it was of a girl riding a big black horse in front of her peers. My equivalent was of myself riding bareback on a black horse, keeping up with the school bus all the way to school, jumping ditches and dodging trees.

Here’s to big black horses…

I made something!! It was so fun. I love making things! This was pretty easy. I got the idea from a gift that a friend gave to Samantha when she was about 3 yrs old. You sew a matching pot holder onto a tea towel and voila’ , you have an adorable child sized apron!

Wal-mart had an apple set, and a rooster set that also would have been cute. I imagine you could make less frilly ones for boys too, with plainer towel sets. I think I may have to make some more of these!

I added a yellow ruffle, ties, and a ruffled pocket.
Here is the one I made for my neice. Happy Birthday, Dora!!!! It’s in the mail!