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Trip to Kansas City to visit Gram and Grandad Bowman.


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I ran across an article today and I thought that it was a very good overall explanation of Attention Deficit Disorder. This is totally me. This last year or two have been very eye opening for me as I have discovered so many reasons why I am the way I am. That I’m not just crazy or lazy or stupid, which is how I felt a lot of the time in my 31 years of life. If you want to know more about ADD and what I deal with on a daily basis and what my family deals with check out the article. Or if you feel it may be something that you or someone you know deals with you should take a look at the article. Be enlightened…..

article here

This is a comment I sent in response to a group email that was warning parents about Philip Pullman’s books His Dark Materials series of which the new movie The Golden Compass is based on. The email was fairly alarmist.

This is just my opinion, but as a Christian I found
Pulman’s books very interesting. I have never heard
anything the author has said, I have just read this
particular series of books. I did know before I read
them that the author was an atheist.

I gathered from the story that Pulman has a problem
with “religion” more than with God himself. He makes
the “church” the bad guys. He plays around with ideas
of creation and demons and angels and witches. This is
a fantasy book.

What I found most fascinating though was that the
themes of love and friendship and thinking of others
first were what the story was about. It seemed
amazing to me that someone who claims no belief in God
can’t seem to get away from the very themes that God
claims as His own.

I really enjoyed the books, they are very creative and
interesting and different. My faith was not
threatened by them, though it did make me sad to think
that the author has had such a negative experience
with “church” that he made it the “enemy” in his

I am not ready to let my children read these books yet
and I don’t intend to let them see the movie. (My kids
get nightmares easily.) But I did want to say that
before you decide something is horrible maybe you
should check it out first for yourself.

Different people are affected by different things,
different kids can handle diffent things also. As
parents I believe it is important for us to know our
children well enough to help them with decisions about
what to read and watch and when they are ready for
certain subjects or content.

I am looking forward to viewing this movie, if at
least for the effects. Movies are almost never as
good as the books though. 🙂

Amy Bowman