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nickbirthdaycake.jpgWe did a beach party/pool party theme with sharks in mind. I had fun with this cake, the only thing I was dissapointed in was the palm tree.

fishingdip.jpgFor a snack I ran across this neat idea. Put some blue food coloring in some low fat cream cheese (its a bit smoother than regular cream cheese)add some garlic and onion powder and dried chives to season and use carrot sticks and celery sticks as fishing poles to catch the fun rainbow goldfish crackers. This went over very well with the kids and adults.

nickbdaypool.jpgWe had planned to play in the big pool but it was pretty chilly. I decided to let the kids at least get wet in this little pool. They loved it even though it was so cold! The adults (ladies anyway) put on sweaters!

sharkboynickjpg.jpgNick in his new goggles and shark swimming trunks.

nickcakehat.jpgLook at that handsome little cowboy! Thanks, Grandma, for the great hat!