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Aria’s 6th birthday party back in February (click on thumbprints to see larger photos)

dress-up at the tea partyariateapartydressup2007.jpg

the tea

teacup cupcakes!teacupcakes.jpg


Saint Louis Science Center trip.
sciencecenterlizcindyaria.jpgCindy, Liz, and Aria at the computers.

sciencecenterlizaria.jpgLizzy and Aria on the Triceratops.

Spring visit to Gram and Grandad’s.

Samantha’s 9th birthday party, the theme was horses/cowgirl.

sambirthday2007cake.jpgThe cake. It looked cool, didn’t taste as good though. Too sweet!!

samdorabonnet.jpgSamantha and cousin Dora.

pollypockets.jpgKrystal, Samantha, Valerie, and Rebecca playing with lots of Polly Pockets.

samkrystalariashirts.jpgKrystal, Sam, and Aria model thier fringe tee shirts and Sam’s new red cowgirl boots. Looking “groovy” girls!

barrelrace.jpgBarrel racing! Fun!

Uncle Dennis’ gaduation.


Cristofer’s 8th and cousin Dominic’s 3rd birthday party.

crisbirthdaycoloringmasks.jpgCris wanted a Chinese theme, hence the red paper lanterns hanging in the background. The kids decorated Chinese dragon masks.

crisdragonparade.jpgA dragon parade. They played chase the dragon tail.

cris2007cake.jpgThe dragon cake.

birthday-boys-2007.jpgWaiting for Uncle Dennis to light the candles, too windy. Oh, well, it’s cake time!

huntingdinoeggs2007.jpgThe girls hunt for dinosaur eggs. (White balloons with sticker dots filled with goodies. Great game, Aunt Andrea!)

domanddinobones2007.jpgBirthday boy hunting for dinosaur bones. (Dog biscuits painted white, another great idea, Aunt Andrea!)

And coming soon… Nicholas’ 5th birthday….June 10th. Whew, that’s a lot of birthdays!!! 🙂


I am listening to Wayne and Brad on The God Journey. They have a friend, guest speaker on who is talking about the Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist. I am really enjoying it so far. I just had to do this quote, I thought it was so good…

For the first 200 years Christians held the Lord’s supper in thier homes around their own diningroom tables, there were no alters, there were no churches…what does that say about the nature of the Lord’s supper and the nature of the church?….The table upon which the Lord’s supper is spread is not the table where God sits and the world has to come to. It’s our table to which God comes to sit with us.

Wow. He comes to us!!!


An absolutely awesome person to know!

I love you, Mom!

Well, we are two cats less now. I called city hall and asked if they could come take these two stray cats away. Ugh. I hated to do it, but last month they both got very sick with some kind of respiratory infection. I wasn’t sure they were going to make it. I was fearful for my pets and my children. I didn’t want them to get sick and I had no idea what if was. I just can’t afford to take care of more animals right now. All the shots and the female should be spayed. It costs a lot. I guess I won’t be feeding any more strays after this.

The male was approchable and I was able to pick him up and wrap him in a towel (so he would not scratch me). The female we had to trap with a live trap the city provided. I felt so bad! Poor kitties. They were pretty freaked out. The police officer reassured me by telling me that they take them to a horse farm somewhere and let them loose, the owners feed them and take care of them. This made me feel much better. I wasn’t sure what they were going to do with them and was afraid to ask.

Now I can let my cat, Pippin, out of the basement to get some fresh air. I don’t think he will miss the strays, they were a bit more pushy at feeding time and took over Pippins bed and favorite spot, the window box. Now he can have them all to himself. We won’t miss all the cat fights right outside our window either.