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I made a mistake by tricking one of our stray cats into the house this weekend. If any of you have had any experience with cats you might be able to imagine what happened. This cat will not let you near enough to touch it normally, it is a stray.

Cristofer, my 7 year old, was so impressed by the incedent that he decided to write a story about it that I thought I would post here.

The Crazy Cat.

Once upon a time there lived a cat named Nermal. One day that cat got crazy! He jumped on the curtain and then… he lept to the wall, and then he was in my sister’s room. But… that’s not all, HE CLIMED THE WALL!!!!
But Mom settled him down. Then he was out.
The End.

That poor cat went absolutely berserk! It really did climb the walls. My poor kids were screaming their heads off and running everywhere. Things were knocked off shelves, walls, and miraculously no one got hurt including the cat. Whew….what an experience.

Speaking of berserk cats, check out this video of a poor cat in a pet washing machine. Now imagine that running around crazy in my house. Ooops sorry the video is outdated now and you can’t veiw it for free now.