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Here is a picture of some of the mittens I knitted for Christmas. I knitted eight pairs. One for each neice and nephew and one for each son and daughter, with one extra practice pair, which Samantha wanted to give to her friend down the road. I actually did not get them quite finished for Christmas. Aria and Nick each got one completed mitten and I finished their others during the rest of Christmas break. I stayed up way too late trying to finish them Christmas eve and I hung them on the Christmas tree where the kids had to find them in the morning. It was fun! I teased them that maybe next year they would find socks or underwear on the tree.

I am really enjoying my knitting. I will try to post pics of other projects as I complete them.

Christmas mittens


Nothing much going on here. The kids had a long weekend, school was closed Monday and Tuesday. They were glad to go back. I was really glad they could go back. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed having them around, except that several of us, me included, have head colds and felt a bit rotten. It was too cold to play outside and our little house felt a bit close. 🙂
I’m getting Nick ready to go to school in a little bit and then I will do some of my peer counselling work by phone. I am enjoying this peer counselling stuff! I ended up giving a 15 minute talk 4 different times at the first of the month and I will help give a similar talk next month at our local Parents As Teachers meeting. I’m looking forward to it and I am enjoying working with my peer coordinator and getting to know her better.