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I was listening to the radio last night and someone got on and told this story. They said it was from James Dobson, maybe some of you have heard it before. I think Trish even emailed a similar one to me. It really got to me.

There was a little girl who had gotten into the pretty gold Christmas wrapping paper Read the rest of this entry »


christmas carols

Early Christmas gathering at my parents house last weekend. My brother and Matt and I attempted to accompany the carolling. We need to do it more often! Thanks, Richie for bringing your guitar.

We are up to our ears in snowmen cookies! All morning we rolled dough, baked, and frosted these fun cookies. We had icing everywhere! It was fun though.

snowmen cookies

cookies 2

Since yesterday was such a nice day I thought i would finish hanging the Christmas lights outside. Nick had left for school, so it was just me and the dog.

I gathered my stuff — lights, ladder, extension cord, staple gun. I tied the dog out front with me so that she would stay out of the mud (the back yard was a swamp!) I was going to attempt to string some lights up and over the big window in the front of our house. Read the rest of this entry »

christmas piggies
Aren’t they cute! This was last years Christmas gift for the girls.

This is Christmas, Aria’s guinea pig.

This is Zoom, Samantha’s piggy.

I know, this is out of order, but I figured someone might want to see a few pics from Thanksgiving, so here they are.

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I love snow and ice (as long as people stay safe!). Here are a few wintery pics taken the last couple of days.

ice drops
Samantha wanted a picture of the ice. This is what was hanging on my clothesline.

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