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Thanks to my awesome sister who babysat my 4 year old for me, I was able to ride with Arlene today. We had a good time even though the weather was iffy and the horses a bit skittish. We rode along the gravel road for a while and then went back and rode down in the woods and crossed a few ditches and practiced going through a little water. Misty, Arlene’s two year old, is not as comfortable with water as she needs to be so this was good for her.

Babe, the horse I rode, got herself all worked up on the way back to the house. She was all lathered up in her fuzzy winter coat. At one point I tried to turn her to the side to let her walk out a bit faster, but she thought I was making her turn all the way around and she got a bit testy with me. We hopped around in a couple of circles which got Misty a bit excited for a couple of minutes and then we were all right. Babe just wanted to get back to her pasture.

Here are a couple of photos I took. We finished riding right before the wind picked up and the sky became overcast. It never did rain though. Misty is on the left and Babe on the right. That’s Babe being nosey with the camera. 🙂




I was listening to Wayne Jacobsen’s podcast today and this statement he made really struck me. Wayne was in leadership for many years in a typical church setting.

What I was paid to do was very different from what I felt Jesus was asking me to do.

I wonder just how many people, in leadership roles especially, feel this way? And if we could take a poll, what would it tell us? Hmmmm…

The middle one we named and claimed. The one on the right is being fed and sort of has a name. The one on the left keeps coming back even after being chased away with a noisy plastic bag and a spray bottle of water! Arg! What are we to do, we’ll soon be over run!


Nick, my 4 year old, was sitting at the table today eating his lunch. I was putting food on the table and Nick informed me that he was a king. I said, “Is that so? What makes you say that?” His reply was, “Because you bring me my food.” Matt and I got a kick out of this.


Mommy joined in and we all headed downtown to the “Safe Stop” chamber of commerce booths on the square. Boy was it cold! I’m glad we went early, the sun was still shining and it was a little bit warmer than later in the evening.