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Here are some pics from earlier in the month of Nicholas at my friend’s farm.

nickanddannyboyjpg.JPGHello, horsey!

nickcat.JPGOooh, I found a cat!

nickcatrunning.JPGUh, oh, cat, let’s get out of here!


I am soooo excited!!! As of yesterday I am employed by the Knox County Health Department as a breastfeeding peer counselor. I will be working a few hours a month with expectant and new mothers who participate in the WIC program. Next week I will travel to St. Louis for the first of three training sessions and next month I will start in the office.

This is very exciting for me for several reasons. One, since my first child was born I have had a desire to help other new mothers and at one time was considering looking into doula work. Two, I love the ladies who work at the health department, I have known them for eight years and consider it a real privelege to work with them. Three, a little extra income and experience are not something to turn down, right? 🙂 Oh, and I am getting paid to get some training! Cool, huh? Perhaps I will look into postpartum doula work down the road.

What on earth do you say when you go to your 7 year old son’s room to say goodnight and you are greeted by a disturbingly familar odor, which it turns out is eminating from a plastic cup hidden under a dresser in which your son somewhat sheepishly tells you that it is full of pee and poop. Oh, my, gosh….. uh…. huh…

You know, as a parent, there are times when it helps that you can actually find yourself shutting off your brain. Just turn it off and know that everything will be just fine. Yeah. Ok.