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My sister and our kids were exploring around grandpa’s pond and came across these webs and their makers.

We thought the lighting was neat in this one. It made the spider’s legs look pink.

My hair has been driving me nuts…so I chopped it off. I’m not sure if I like it or not.
I had to straighten it to get it to look the way I wanted. I think I might go even shorter,
maybe pixie-ish.

As I sat as quietly as I could, Dr. Bob began to fill his syringe. He was slow and meticulous talking all the while in a calm reasuring way. The needle moved toward its target and I began to sweat. My stomach felt extremely empty and my head began to feel light. It was sure taking a long time to empty that syringe. Soon the drilling began and it bacame harder to focus. My vision was narrowing and I knew that if I didn’t do something I would end up fainting. I got Dr. Bob’s attention and asked where the restroom was, reasuring Aria that I would be right back.

I barely made it to the bathroom and everything turned black so that I couldn’t see to turn the light switch on. I closed the bathroom door and put my head down till I could see my feet in the dim light. I switched on the light shakily and got a drink from the sink and took some good deep breaths. By the time I returned to Aria and Dr. Bob she was all finished and had got throught the ordeal in much better shape than mommy!

She was a trooper and didn’t flinch at anything and was smiling (a little crookedly, due to her numb cheek) and ready for her prize from the treasure chest. I sure am glad I didn’t actually faint, talk about embarrassing! Next time I will make sure to eat a good snack before I go.

I have been enjoying a book by Steve Brown, called No More Mr. Nice Guy! Saying Goodbye to “Doormat” Christianity. Here are some quotes from a chapter called “No” is not a dirty word.

There is probably nothing worse than a constant “acting out” of what we think of as a witness to the world. As a matter of fact, we are witnesses to what Christ has made of us, and not to what we pretend to be. When we get those confused, we become true hypocrites.

Have you ever heard pagans refer to Christians as hypocrites because Christians are not good? I hear it all the time, and I realize how miserably we have failed in communicating what the gospel of Jesus is all about. A hypocrite is one who proclaims with his or her words or life what he or she doesn’t believe….

If I should say that the Christian faith is for good people, call myself a Christian, and then am not good, I am indeed a hypocrite. However, that isn’t what the Bible teaches at all. The Bible teaches that Christ came to save sinners — not good people. Therefore, my witness is not to my purity, kindness, and love — it is to Christ’s purity, His kindness, and His love.

If your witness consists of your purity, those who know you will legitimately call you a hypocrite, and those who don’t will think that the Christian faith is only for good people. All you will see of them is their “heels and elbows” as they run in the opposite direction.

Is goodness a witness? Of course it is, but only the goodness that Christ gives the Christian; and when He gives it, it is never arrogant and judgmental. Is absolute goodness a witness? Impossible! “No one is good but One, that is God” (Matt. 19:17). If our sin can’t be used as a witness as well as our goodness, we have a serious problem.

….Isn’t it terrible that I have to tell a new Christian he shouldn’t take too seriously what people say in testimony meetings? But you and I both know it’s true. The church ought to be a fellowship of people who are terribly honest. The reason we aren’t honest is that we are playing a game called let-me-show-you-that-I’m-a-good-Christian, and the game is killing a lot of Christians who have left the fellowship because they simply couldn’t play the game anymore….

Purity and holiness are important, but if you have to fake it for either pagans or Christians, that sin is greater than the lack of purity. Let God worry about what the pagans and the Christians think — you worry about what God thinks.

This is a park that Matt’s parents found in KC (Kansas side) for the kids to enjoy. It is free to the public. They had a blast and it was a great way to stay cool.

Nick’s favorite was the flower shower. He had more control over where the water hit him and could keep it out of his face more. Eventually he moved on to try the more unnerving fountains.