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It is a birdbath made with terracotta flower pots.

Here’s the top view.


Let me give you the spiritual cycle in which many Christians live. They promise God that they will follow him no matter what, and they sincerely try –and fail. Then they say to themselves, “I have tried and failed, therefore I’m not worthy [which is precisely the point].” Then the Christian is hesitant to go before God because of the sin and becomes spiritually dead. But in the midst of the deadness, the Christian realizes he or she can’t live without God and goes to him and starts the whole process again. The good news of the Christian faith is that that kind of cycle is a lie. The Christian is the person who, more than anyone else, realizes his or her own imperfections and depends on Christ alone to make up for it. That kind of dependence removes guilt and provides power to overcome the sin.

The fact is sin is part of us, and that is why it hurts so much. God has provided the power to overcome the sin about which you are aware right now. The chances are that when you have, by his grace, overcome it, he will show you other sins with which you must deal. Dealing with sin is a lifelong process. Guilt over something that is a part of your nature isn’t necessary for the Christian. That’s the reason for the cross. There are just two kinds of people in the world: those who are sinners and don’t know it, and those who are sinners and know it and are trying to do something about it. The Christian is of the latter breed. It isn’t getting in the mud that is the worst part. (That’s part of being human.) It is staying there.

From a Key Life article.

Samantha was throwing up all Saturday evening and half the night. Today Nick started throwing up in the afternoon. Whoopee. I am tired of this and am fighting cabin/spring fever myself. Matt and I keep trying to get away for a date and some shopping but we can’t get the kids well enough for long enough to pull it off. Arrrrg. Oh, well. It’ll come.

I am counting my blessings though. So far we have only had one sick at a time instead of the whole family trying to rush to the one and only bathroom in the house. That is a plus. 🙂 Hope this day finds you and yours well and enjoying the sunny skies as they come between storms.