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I enjoyed Trish’s post so much I had to do one too. This is the one I put on her site.

One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year my dad was making something for us in the workshed out back. He covered all the windows with black plastic so we couldn’t see in. We were horrible sneaks. He worked and worked in there and at times seemed a bit frustrated. We couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but we sure were excited! On Christmas morning that year there were two beautiful wooden doll houses, one with green trim and one with blue for my sister and I. They had plastic windows with white painted panes, carpet, a stairway to the upstairs rooms and wooden furniture. The roof was covered with individual wood shingles. We loved those doll houses and played with them for hours. They were very special and all the more so because we knew how much time and effort Dad had put into them. My mom still has mine and my kids like to play with it. It isn’t in very good shape now but still gets lots of loving attention.

Another memory I have is not necessarily my favorite, but it did make an impression on me. I have a confession to make… I untaped a package that had my name on it and taped it back up! *gasp!* I was a sneak and always tried to figure out what I was getting, my poor parents. In the package was a toy horse that came with a set of paints so that you could paint it yourself whatever color you wanted. I had seen it at the store and it was something I really wanted. Suddenly I felt rotten, I knew my parents loved me so much and they tried their best to give me things they knew I would like and I had to go an ruin it by being a sneak, which I knew wasn’t right. I taped the package up and hid it toward the back of the pile of gifts under the tree. It was hard to open it on Christmas morning and even enjoy it, I am sure my parents never knew (or maybe they did) but I was never able to look at that horse without feeling guilty. I never ever did that again though. I had learned my lesson. It was no fun taking the surprise out of it and having to go around with a horribly guilty conscience.

Thank you Mom and Dad for making Christmas such a special time for us kids, thank you for all your love and thoughtfulness and for putting up with us Sneaks. I love you! Merry Christmas!


Guess what we got the girls for Christmas?! Guinea pigs! Just what we need to add to our dog and cat animal family. Samantha has been asking for a small furry something of her own for a couple of years now. Last year she got one of those robotic cat toys and a kitten to go with it, but you know it’s just not the same. We now have two little guinea pigs living in Matt and my bedroom. We are hiding their cage under a sheet and a pile of clothes. (This is great camaflouge since I still have not been able to clean up our room of all the piles of stuff laying in every corner. 😦 ) They are so cute. They make these little squeaks and chirping sounds and sit up on their hind feet. I can’t wait to give them to the girls. They will be so surprised! My kids should be glad they have a mommy who loves animals and a Daddy who loves to indulge his crazy wife and kids! I love you, Matthew!

I had what I call a “torqued out moment” last week where I wanted to dive into the depths of despair. I think one of the main things that triggered it was that my sister informed me that she and her husband might begin to attend local church services somewhere soon. My first and lingering thought was, “Oh, no, they won’t be meeting with us on Sundays anymore and I won’t see them anymore!” Our “gathering” won’t feel like a gathering anymore with two families getting together instead of three. Then I started feeling useless and purposeless and directionless. I became emotional and distraught knowing that I was over reacting and being silly but not able to pull out of it. I ended up calling my wonderful husband at work even though I knew he was so busy this week. He graciously took the time to point me back to Jesus and His love and grace.

I began to realize again how easy it is to look everywhere for that thing to belong to, to be a part of whether it is a position at work, my identity as a member of a family, of a club, of an association, of a charity, of a church, or any other organization, even a small weekly gathering of friends. Humans want to belong. We want to be a part of something, to feel needed, appreciated and wanted. We want to do our part, to serve, to give. What I needed to remember was that I do belong, I belong to Father God and His family. He loves me, and wants me, He made me. This doesn’t change just because my brothers and sisters do something different from what I am doing. (Duh.)

When hope is put into anything else it soon finds itself dissappointed. I want affirmation, security, and stability, but it can only be found in Jesus Christ and His love for me. It is so easy to get my eyes off of Him and become enamored with something else that soon becomes a substitute for Him. It’s funny how you don’t realize how much you are counting on something until it changes or is lost. As much as I dislike those dispairing, shaky “moments” I am thankful for them because they cause me to cry out and to turn again back to my Father’s eyes where I find who I really am and where I belong.

Oh, yeah and just because my sister’s family might be attending church services doesn’t mean they won’t want to fellowship with us any more –right, guys? 🙂

Here is a news article about megachurches deciding not to have services on Christmas Sunday so that families can stay home and be together. It is interesting the comments some mainline denomination leaders were making. Here is the last statement of the article.

“I think these critics who decry the megachurches should really be aiming their barbs at individual Christians who are willing to stay at home around the Christmas tree instead of coming and giving at least part of that day to the meaning of the holiday,” he said. “They should be facing up to the reality of that.”

Isn’t it interesting that so many people have a different idea of what the “meaning” truly is? Wow.

It’s gone, we completely missed it. A whole hour of the day for the whole Bowman family. It felt like a time warp or something. We got up this morning and did our usual routine to get ready for work and school. We didn’t notice a thing until Matt checked his coffee and thought he set the coffee maker wrong so that his coffee was done and had been sitting in the pot for 45 minutes already. (We should have realized what happened then.)

Matt put the trash out, warmed his car and left for work while I finished getting the kids ready for school. Missy (the dog) was waiting not very patiently in her crate for me to take her out to go potty. She had been barking fairly persistently and I was wondering why she was having trouble waiting. (Again, I should have figured it out.) I took her out and she did her business and seemed very relieved.

Everything was going fine and we were waiting patiently for the the bus to show up at our front door. I glanced at the clock and saw the minute hand at 12 thinking the bus was a bit late today and sat down at the computer to check the weather. I then noticed that the clock on the computer said 9:00am! What?! I ran to the kitchen and checked that clock, 9am. I knew the computer was always right, so I called Matt at work and when he picked up the phone I said, “Is it really 9:00?!” It was. Matt’s alarm had gotten set wrong somehow. I had not bothered to set mine, relying on his. AHHH!!!!

I called the school to apologize and let them know what happened and then raced around to dress the two younger kids and pile everyone into the van. It had been snowing and I swept the windsheild off so I could see and we drove to the school. Samantha was upset, because she had missed her time to do work and was sure she would have to miss recess to get it done. I told her I was sorry and I hoped that wouldn’t be the case. Cristofer got there just in time for recess and he seemed fine. I drove home and we walked in the door feeling a bit behind in our day. Oh, well, at least it was entertaining.