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I watched Because of Winn-Dixie with the kids this afternoon. I really liked it! I believe it is based on a book. Now I will have to find the book to read. The acting isn’t the greatest, you know low budget family film stuff, but the story was great! Samantha stated that it was her most favorite movie ever. The father is a preacher, the mother left when the girl was three, they move often because of new pastoring positions. The girl ends up with a dog, who she names, Winn-Dixie and the summer begins in a small rural southern town. It dealt with being non judgmental and learning to deal with the good and the bad in life and about sharing life. I liked it.


Whewww. We have started school. Samantha is attending Knox County public school’s 2nd grade. Aria is going to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Cristofer is homeschooling at home with Nick and I. So far so good. I will officially start Cris’ school next week as this week I am adjusting to our new schedules. I think its going to be a good year full of new experiences and growth. I have found that having my three youngest at home is a bit challenging though. I was hoping that this year would be a bit easier, but no, these three are an even crazier mix without Samantha to keep them busy with sane ideas. These three are all active, head strong and sneaky, not good. I had to chase them out of the street yesterday and I may need to resort to locking the doors from the inside to keep them in the house! Nick is not content to sit and play while I do school, he now wants to be involved too, pray my creative juices start flowing so I can stay on top of everything! Thank God I like kids and I like teaching, now I only wish I liked housework too 😦 .

Today, Saturday, August 20, Samantha (my 7 yr. old) will be dancing with her ballet class at the new pavillion at Rotary Park (swimming pool park) at 4:15pm. It is for the United Way Family Fun Night, which I know nothing about. I don’t know what else will be going on besides Samantha’s dance group. If anyone is interested you are welcome to come, we’ll be there. Or at least Samantha and I will, Matt will be kind of tired, he was in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas last night trying to get home via Kasas City Airport. Flights were delayed, missed and rerouted due to strong thunderstorms. He got home around 4am this morning. We will do what we need to do today for Samantha, but probably tomorrow we will stay home and take it easy. Have a great weekend!

I found this link on a blog and thought it interesting. It is a bit long, it is a book written in response to hundreds of emails recieved about and from people who are “out of church”. I have to say that I don’t think I agree with the author’s conclusions, but the emails themselves and the topic were interesting and thought provoking.

I personally don’t know what to think about “revival” and “leadership” as he seems to see them.

Excerpt from Steve Brown of Key Life:

The free Christian finds that he or she is living a life of progressive sanctification; not because he or she has to, but because of a joyous response to love. The free Christian is released from the demons of the past and is no longer enslaved to the heritage of the prison. The free Christian is free from a life of rules–“Thou shalt not” is not the basis of a relationship with God. The free Christian is no longer living in constant fear of other people, of being discovered, of failing or of making a mistake. The free Christian is no longer haunted by an overwhelming sense of guilt. Guilt is replaced by the realization of being acceptable to God. The free Christian is shed of empty religion, of meaningless acts of piety…He or she doesn’t have to pretend to be a Christian anymore. The free Christian is released from the social pressure to be something or to do something. The free Christian is released from the need to whine about being a worm…He or she can now accept compliments and praise without feeling guilty. The free Christian can accept his or her humanness. The free Christian is free from the obligation to fix everything that is broken, from solving every problem and from being everybody’s mother. The free Christian is released from the prison of failure; all of the false Christianity that made failure an asset is gone and the free Christian is no longer subservient to false heroes or to manipulative gurus.
With Christ, there is real freedom and boldness in life…

Deep breath. Exhale. Ahhhhh……. Freedom.