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Whoa, that was a trip! We drove all night on a Friday and all day Saturday and made it to Matt’s cousin’s house by 6pm. Not bad. Matt was very tired but recovered quickly after a nights sleep. Staying at Matt’s cousin’s house was, well, let’s just say, interesting. Two bachelors (the cousin had a roomate that we did not know about) and a big German shepherd in an old two story house a couple of blocks from the Chesepeake Bay. Uhhuh. I tried not to think too much about it that first night, I was way too tired. Sunday we spent with Matt’s family, it was so fun. We hadn’t seen any of them for seven years! The kids did great, they enjoyed meeting new family. We planned to head down to the harbor Monday to take the kids to the Aquarium there. We were almost ready to go when we had a crisis. The dog bit our youngest son, Nicholas. There was blood, screaming and a trip to the hospital for 14 stitches. Needless to say, we did not make it to the aquarium that day. We did not make it to the aquarium the next day either. All three of our oldest children ended up sick from eating way too much sweet stuff that was offered generously by Great Aunt Sue. We ended up renting a DVD to watch at our hotel (which we moved into after the dog incident) Thank you Matt and Cindy for the use of your portable DVD player!!!

We did end up getting the kids to the aquarium and had a fun day together looking at sea life. (Just in case any of you ever visit this particular aquarium, it does not allow strollers! Lugging a big diaper-bag/purse and hanging onto a very tired almost 3 year old isn’t the most efficient way to enjoy a trip through this aquarium.) In the evening Matt’s grandma cooked a nice dinner for us and we tearfully said our good byes to everyone. I hated to leave, I really enjoy Matt’s family. Hopefully we can get back much sooner next time.

We piled in the “Big Red Van” and headed for the coast and Ocean City. The kids loved the beach even though the water was very cold. We didn’t even bother with swimsuits and just let the kids wade in their clothes.

After the beach we found a crab shack (actually more like a big barn) resturant to eat at. The crabs were wonderful and the sweet corn too. Nick and Aria ate crab but Samantha wanted a hotdog (go figure) and Cristofer didn’t like the looks of the crabs or their spiciness. The kids were so good at the resturant, I was proud. The only disturbing incident was when I realized that Nicholas’ diaper needed changing in an embarrassing blowout way, (all the sweets had caught up with him too). I rushed him to the bathroom to take care of it and realized I had no wet wipes! I strapped him down to the changing table and went back and forth to the sink and paper towels. Nick was crying and had his fingers in his ears the whole time because he was scared of the very loud toilet flushing noise. People probably wondered what on earth I was doing to my child. After that episode my appetite was diminished and I was ready to leave.

We went back to our hotel and then went for a walk along the boardwalk and looked at the games and rides. We decided to ride the farris wheel, it was a great big one all lit up. We ended up buying tickets at the wrong place the first time which ended up being ok cause the kids got to ride a few other rides. The farris wheel was fun, but Matt and I, especially Matt, forgot how we don’t like heights! For a couple seconds I thought Matt was going to lose his dinner. The kids did fine and we enjoyed the view.

After the farris wheel the kids rode a carrosel and a couple of other smaller rides. It was getting pretty late and the kids were exhausted. Poor Aria looked like she was going to fall off one ride she was so sleepy! They had fun though and we made some nice memories. I would like to go back again sometime, it was fun.

We took our time on the return trip home. The last hotel we stayed in was very nice and the kids got to swim in the pool. We made it home by 4pm Sunday and were able to relax, have dinner and go to bed at a reasonable time. It was nice to be home.

Nick’s stitches were removed and he is healing just fine. He’ll have a couple small scars he can make up some cool story for when he is older. Ha!
It was an adventure, but at least I know that it is doable. We’ll just have to remember to be more careful of what we, and especially the kids, eat next time and we will be more cautious around other peoples pets.