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I liked Bruce’s latest blog entry and thought I would point you to it. Thanks for sharing, Bruce! Read what he has to say about going from an “us” to a “them”.

Here is a snippet:

In terms of “us” and “them”, I am now a “them”.

Most of my christian life, I was an “us”. I believed that I was chosen by God to be an “us”, and it was my responsibility to show the “thems” that they could be just like me (an “us“), if they would only do as I say, and accept Christ as their Lord. And if they wouldn’t submit as I instructed, I would have no more time for them. They must simply be one of the ones God will have to destroy. Heck, I might as well “destroy” them myself, but that’s illegal. That’s how worthless those “thems” are. Their hearts are hard, and they won’t give up their lives for Jesus. Damn them to hell! Well, sure… that’s God’s job (but we all know that’s what He will do!). I loved to hang out with the “us” people. They were good. They were pure. They were holy. Just like me…

And God saw my pride. Looking back on it, I’m sure He squinted his eyes at the thought of my “perfect” doctrinal stances, and my willingness to “hate” the same people He hated (or so I thought). He must have agonized over how sound my religion was, and how I had Him all figured out. But, one day, He put His foot down… basically right on my head! He shouted, “that’s enough!”….