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I love spring! I think that I have just experienced the worst spring fever ever in the last month or so. As I breath in the fresh warm air and listen to the robins sing I can feel my stressed out muscles and emotions relaxing. The mean, angry lines on my forehead are letting go their hold; my friend, Smile, has returned. (My poor husband makes a huge sigh of relief and my kids want mommy to do school with them now.) 🙂

I finally got to put my Christmas decorations in the attic, they had been sitting on my bedroom floor. I made long over due doctor appointments, called about the city’s annual spring clean-up, cleaned up the yard while the boys played in the sunshine, and payed the neighbor for tilling my garden. Hopefully I can plant some seeds today or tomorrow. The dog is at the vet’s getting spayed (finally!) and tonight our little (or not so little 🙂 ) family will eat leftover ham sandwiches and watch the rest of Anne of Green Gables. Aaahhh.


Does anyone else ever catch themselves wanting to sing that little ditty, “I won’t grow up, I won’t grow up, not even for a minute…” or “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid…” Even though I am not a boy :-), I sometimes think I struggle with “Peter Pan syndrome”.

I am attempting to homeschool. I have four young children. I have a dog (in the house.) What fun!

We rescued our pet from the humane society. When we got her home we discovered she had every worm imaginable including ringworm (not a worm, but a fungus.) We got medications and had her tested for heartworms, she was positive. Now, after a few nights in the pet hospital, a couple of painful injections and a long 30 day wait she seems to be doing ok. This last weekend she began to cough (or make nasty gagging, choking noises which sounded like there must be something that would need to be cleaned up, which actually there wasn’t) mostly at night while we were trying to sleep. I wasn’t too worried but with all her problems didn’t want to wait too long to get her checked out. Monday I called the vet, she asked if I could bring her in at 2:00pm, I said I thought I could do that.

Our day had started pretty good, I had gotten up and showered, made the bed, the kids were all dressed, they made their beds, we spent the morning doing reading and math work and then ate lunch. I was supposed to cook a ham for supper, I figured that if I put it in a 3:00pm it would be done in time. I tried to file this info away for after we got back from the vet.

My parents live in the same town only a few blocks away and have been absolutely wonderful about helping me out off and on with the kids, repair jobs around the house, catching up on laundry, etc. This Monday they weren’t going to be home so I knew I was going to have to steel myself for an adventure at the vetrinary clinic.

After, getting shoes and coats on and persuading everyone to go potty I asked them to sit by the door and wait while I took the dog to go potty and put her in the van. I then herded my children into the van along with diaper bag and purse and got the two youngest in their carseats. We were going to be late. I went back inside and quickly called the vet’s office to see if we could still make the appointment, they said sure.

As we pulled into the parking lot, a few minutes later, I noticed two loose dogs headed toward our van. Oh great, just what I needed, how was I going to handle four children and three dogs! The loose dogs seemed friendly enough so I had the kids get out first and left Missy, straining to get out and visit with the new dogs, in the van. Of course the kids all wanted to say hello to the new dogs before we could get into the building. Finally we were all inside and I told the kids to sit on the benches provided. Right as I was turning to go back outside and get Missy, Aria, my just turned 4 yr. old said she had to go potty. I told her to wait a minute until I got Missy inside. I went out to the van, the friendly dogs still wandering around, and got Missy out and inside as quickly as I could with nothing worse than a few sniffs from the two dogs. When I got inside no one was sitting down, Nick, my 2 yr. old had found a bowl of bright colored tennis balls that were for sale and had taken them all out and they were rolling over the reception room floor. The lady at the desk ushered us into the exam room, Nick bringing one of the tennis balls with him. We got in the room and I counted heads, missing Aria’s, I called her and heard her voice from the reception area but she didn’t come into the room. I called again and she hollered, “I’m in the bathroom!” Oh.

We got settled in the exam room, thankfully they have little tables and chairs set up for kids with a few toys and books to look at. I attempted to explain that we needed to be quiet when the doctor came in so that I could hear what she had to say and the doctor could listen to Missy’s heart and lungs. The doctor came in and for the first few minutes everyone was quiet, then Cristofer, my 5 yr. old, grabbed a toy truck and started driving it using noisy sound effects over the floor. He was loud enough that I couldn’t get his attention to quiet him. At this point I was holding Missy who was attempting to jump off the exam table while the vet listened to her heart and lungs. I guess she was able to hear what she needed over the truck noises. She gave me some medicine for the dog and didn’t seem too worried about the cough.

We went back into the reception area and were greeted by a monsterous black collie type dog and its owner. Thankfully it was friendly and liked kids because there was no way to keep my kids from running up to pet it while I held Missy away and tried to write out a check to pay for our visit.

I asked the kids to sit again while I got Missy in the van. I came back for the kids and found all the tennis balls on the floor again, picked them up and got everyone back in the van after they all petted the two stray dogs. I had no idea what time it was at this point, but after running a couple of errands and getting everyone back inside the house, it was too late to cook the ham.

We had pasta instead.